Empire of the Sun

It doesn’t take much to wonder. With a clear sky and a neck without pain, turn your head towards the night sky, and all you see is endless possibilities, although clear night skies are rare to many of us. Our planet, with its eight relatives, in the forever cosmic dance about the sun, is unconcerned with the affairs of humans.

Sun has this unsaid rule inspired by the Cosmos: there is nothing to be concerned about.

We can’t harm the planet. All our activities might bring doom to our fellow species and ourselves, but what does Earth care? It is busy with revolution and rotation. There is no spiritual punishment for humans. We are destroying our own homes, albeit the definition of home has been contracting with its boundaries, now four walls of our houses.

Photo by Shot by Cerqueira on Unsplash

Thousands and thousands of miles across, these Heavenly bodies, held with the apron strings of gravity, built over millions of years across, harboring the strangest of material. Within which, one, to our knowledge, carries organisms that question the creator.

These non-conscious bodies wouldn’t have ever thought that their chemical compositions fueled by physics would one day put an organism on the planet who would spend days puzzling as to why they even exist. Universe giving birth to consciousness, In a precision, questioning itself.

Empire of our sun, and all the sun’s, Exists and works as if there was some written code asking them to grow and someday annihilate. Perhaps our consciousness is nothing but a cruel way of the universe identifying for itself that there is no purpose.

But why?

Why? This question has given reason for many to live and likewise taken away the lives. Why should it all even happen? Who knows. Our eyes are made of the material in the universe, and today they witness their creator. The same material is kept in labs and experimented with. Altered in different forms, yet there are no answers to more profound questions. Perhaps all the material in the galaxies needed an outlet for their micro curiosity, and the result was this consciousness. How much we resolve it wouldn’t end cause a wall means something is behind it.

Infinite is the only extent of this universe.




Enhancing Outlook

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Enhancing Outlook

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